About the Office Markets

In 2011-12, Alimentary piloted the Toronto Office Markets to make locally grown and locally produced food convenient. Local food found its way to dinner tables via courtyards and bank lobbies. Watch the ad!

When you bring local food producers into your workplace, you're not only creating a special ritual for your staff, you're also helping establish an important distribution channel between growers and the community. Everyone wins.


The Toronto Office Markets program sought to address two problems. One was faced by the consumer who wants to eat fresh, local produce and yet does not want to sacrifice a lot of time hunting local food down. The second was faced by local food producers who needed ways to get their food to people's tables in the wake of supermarket consolidation and preference for big companies capable of supplying the whole chain. Toronto Office Markets make shopping for local food convenient by bringing markets right into the workplace or nearby and gave food producers new avenues to get their food to our tables.

The program ran for approximately 18 months, at lunchtime or after work markets hosted at ING Bank on Yonge St. (now Tangerine); the Food Network on Bloor St.; the Centre for Social Innovation Annex and Spadina; and Softchoice, in Liberty Village.

Alimentary's founder, Aruna Antonella Handa, has given talks on the Office Markets Program in both Canada and the US.

A gallery of some of the markets is available here.