Aruna Antonella Handa is a multimedia artist and the founder of Alimentary. Her work in food is informed by her interests in social justice, in the future, her studies in philosophy and her amusement in those spaces in which theory and practice collide. She has developed an approach to hosting dinner parties, an approach she sometimes calls "program dining", in which various elements of the meal narrate a story, explore a motif and possibly invite the guests to co-host. Program dinners include the 100 mile dinners (Toronto, 2010-12), the Big Bang Bug Banquet (Montreal, 2014)  and NY Eats Bugs Banquet (New York, 2016).



In 2011, she founded the Future Food Salons in Toronto. She has since directed and co-hosted (with Dr Elke Grenzer and in 2015 in New York with Mr Lou Sorkin) several collaborative Future Food Salons in New York (2014, 2015), Austin (2014) and Montreal (2014), inviting guests to collaborate and explore the future of food. Work is underway for the next salon series.

Currently, she is creating menus for Interplanetary Love, eight-course dinners to commemorate the discovery of Trappist-1. For more on her work in music, art and theatre, please visit



Photo: Jan Keck.