Aruna Antonella Handa is a multimedia artist and the founder of Alimentary. Her work in the future of food is informed by her interests in social justice, in the future, her studies in philosophy and her amusement in those spaces in which theory and practice collide. Among the future food initiatives she has directed are:
•Toronto Office Markets, making local food convenient (2011-12);
•Hot Kitchens, joining up commercial kitchens and food entrepreneurs (2012-present);
•Future Food Salons, inviting artists to explore the future of food (Toronto, New York, Austin, Montreal, co-directed with Elke Grenzer, and with Louis Sorkin 2011-present); Edible Bug Banquets (Montreal, New York 2014, 2015), •Program Dining (Toronto, Montreal, 2010-2017).



Dr. Handa is wrapping up work on Cooking For Noah, a memoir with recipes about cooking for her son with multiple severe food allergies, and is working on the next Future Food Salon series on cultured foods. Dr. Handa also consults and especially loves working with start-ups whose values and aspirations line up with her own.


For more on her work in music, art and theatre, please visit



Photo: Jan Keck.