At Alimentary, we collaborate with partners whose goals and philosophies align closely with our own. We have collaborated with food companies, media companies, research institutes, museums, galleries, and educational bodies. Our strengths are smart, strategic thinking and imaginative program creation. We've worked with companies large and small, across North America. We'd love to explore working together with you.

The five spaces

Food creation (hunting, fishing, farming, cultivating); distribution; preparation; consumption and waste. We have designed programming in each of these areas. Office Markets focused on the issue of distribution. The Taste Labs and the Future Food Salons focus on food creation, preparation and consumption while the Fridge Project addressed food waste. Eating Innovation conferences provide opportunities to focus on all five areas under the lens of a food that will become more of a staple in the future.

If we're doing something that intrigues you, please get in touch. If you're working on something that you think might intrigue us, we'd love to hear from you.