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Please complete this form for your kitchen listing. Alimentary will list your kitchen with the details that you provide, and at least one photograph (and possibly three). Succinctness is good as is detail. If you’re not sure how much to detail to furnish, have a look at some of the other listings on the Hot Kitchens page.

Please read the information here below on the specifications for the images. Following these specs ensures your photos load up quick and easily and look their best. If you would like some help selecting the photos, feel free to send up to six photos and we'll select the top three.

Our lawyers make us say this:
It is the responsibility of each start-up or individual and of each kitchen manager/owner to ascertain for herself or himself that the conditions of rental or letting meet their requirements for risk management. Any monies paid to Alimentary Systems Inc. for a Hot Kitchen listing is a payment for a term listing of the kitchen’s details on the Hot Kitchens website, and is in no way a payment for a rental contract brokerage. Alimentary Systems Inc. accepts no responsibility for the contracts that you may enter into with renters looking for a commercial kitchen to rent.


Name of Contact (will appear on site) *
Name of Contact (will appear on site)
This name will appear on the listing.
Contact Phone *
Contact Phone
This number will appear on the listing.
Address of Kitchen *
Address of Kitchen
Term: Is this kitchen for rent on a long term basis (month to month) OR is this kitchen available on an hourly basis for rent? It’s generally a good idea to choose between these. There is more profit and more admin to rent out on an hourly/daily basis. The advantage is that you or others have access to the kitchen when you need it. Renting by the month is great from an administration point of view; however, once the kitchen is rented, there is usually no access for you or others to use it, and generally the revenue though more secure (hopefully) tends to be less. Price: some kitchens offer different rates for different times of the day or discounts for contiguous hours, or for a regular gig (e.g. every Tuesday from 4 am-12pm) You don’t need to supply all this for the listing, but some base price and indication whether rates are discounted for time of day or volume is a good idea. E.g. $30/hour; Discounts apply midnight-5am, regular bookings. Get in touch for details.
Please be as detailed as possible. Stove (number of burners/gas/electric/other). Oven(s): type, number. Special equipment (kettles, dough mixers, deep fryers, etc.) Counter space (how many linear feet approximately?) Dishwasher (industrial or household) Individual workstations? Three barrel sink?
Some kitchens offer clients storage overnight or between rentals (either for their specialized equipment or for food stores). This is not compulsory. If you want to offer it, please mention what sort is available and how you would charge for it. If you’re not sure you could say: “Limited storage available-Please enquire for details) If you don’t have any storage available, just leave this blank.
Please detail whether and where there is a loading dock and what the parking situation is at your kitchen.
Many food entrepreneurs rely on public transportation or collaborate with companies, staff who do.
Please detail what sort of insurance (if any) you require from the food entrepreneur renting your facility. Do you want them to hold product liability insurance? If so, how much? Check with your own insurance to ensure you’re covered even though you’re renting it out.
Some kitchens are vegan, or nut-free, or gluten-free and so won’t rent to companies using meats, or wheat, etc. Does your kitchen have any special restrictions? Do you have any special facilities or equipment?
Photographs *
You can send up to three photographs. Please send photos as attachments to: with the following subject line: name of your kitchen: photos, e.g. Acme Kitchen: photos Here are the specifications: File name: Only use letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens in file names. Please send .jpg files. File size: Image files of less than 500 KB in landscape orientation (as opposed to portrait). Resolution: image resolution limit of 60 MP (megapixels). Color mode: Save images in RGB colour mode. Color profile: Save images in the sRGB colour profile. If your images do not meet these requirements, we may ask you to re-submit them. Thank you.
The information in the following fields is for Alimentary's administration purposes and will not appear on the listing except where it is identical to information already furnished above. Use the box immediately below if you'd like a company name other than the kitchen name to be associated with this account.
This and subsequent sections are for Alimentary's administration only and won't appear on the site (unless identical to information already furnished above).
Commercial Kitchen Verification *
Please submit a completed copy of the Quebec kitchen requirements form we sent to you. Please send to: and in the subject line write the name of your kitchen and QC kitchen ref form. e.g. Cuitici, QC kitchen ref form
Billing address for this account *
Billing address for this account
Please include postal code.
Phone number for contact person *
Phone number for contact person

Whew! Now what?

Once we have (1) this completed form, (2) your photographs, (3) your listing payment, and (4) the completed and signed Quebec kitchen form, we'll post this information on the site and then send you an email straight away asking you to verify its accuracy. And then, hey presto! You're listed.